Safe, cashless transactions.

Shippers use Relay to pay instantly, eliminating cash and late night phone calls.

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More Cash

Eliminate unsafe conditions
for your drivers by not requiring them to carry large amounts of cash.

Operational Efficiency

Eliminate late night phone calls for money codes, long driver wait times, and manual receipt reconciliation.


Eliminate headaches with electronic notifications and receipts to streamline accounting procedures.


Create a secure, real-time audit trail by removing cash and checks from the payment process.

Hear from our customers.

We’ve saved a ton of time and hassle with Relay. Our drivers no longer have to travel to an ATM. Our Operations team no longer has to go to the bank three times a week. Relay has allowed us to capture costs more efficiently and close out our loads faster.

Robert Gullo
Plant/Cost Accountant

My drivers were calling me at all hours of the night so that I could give them my credit card number. Then we had to deal with trying to expense and reconcile it. It was a mess. Then we went to cash, which was no better. Relay has allowed me to have peace of mind, fixing this entire unexpected process, Thank you!

Bernie Lee
Distribution Manager
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The process today

Driver picks up the product and drives across the country to a warehouse.

The lumpers unload the truck as the driver is no longer allowed inside the warehouse, The lumper fee is $175.

The driver doesn’t carry cash to cover the expense. Driver calls their company for a credit card or must drive to an ATM.

The shipper Operation team reviews the payment at all hours of the night, And scramble to provide a payment solution.

The driver uses their company credit card, Carries unsafe amounts of cash, or comes out of their own pockets.

The lumper company receives payments from the driver.

At the end of each day, the lumper must record and audit all payments for that location and drive them to a bank for deposit.

The lumper provides a paper receipt to the driver for reimbursement.

The driver must send a lumper receipt to their company or freight broker.

The carrier must then send the receipt to their customer within the reimbursement window.

6% - 15% of reimbursements are lost
15 - 20 minutes wait time for each transaction.
2 - 5
phone calls
per payment.

The Relay process

Secure an electronic payment issued, Eliminating phone calls, fraud, and detention time.

Drivers provides payment information at the time of payment, reducing driver wait time.

The transaction occurs instantly, eliminating lost hours of service. Funds are guaranteed and fraud free.

The carrier or broker receives an, Instant Digital Receipt ensuring reimbursement, load closeout and timely billing.

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