Reimbursed every time.

Carriers use Relay to pay securely and instantly, eliminating phone calls and ensuring reimbursements.

Trusted by top carriers

Hours of Service

Reduce detention times with instant payments, eliminating lengthy transactions on the dock and improving driver satisfaction.


Ensure simple customer reimbursement with digital receipts, efficient load closeout, and timely customer billing.

Operational Efficiency

Reduce phone calls for
money codes, driver wait
times, and manual


Create a secure,
real-time audit trail by
removing cash and checks from
the payment process.

Hear from our customers.

My drivers love it, billing is happy, and we've reduced night time phone calls. I'm excited for them to take on other payments, the industry needs it.

Wade Palmer
Kool Pak CFO

The Relay Network has offered a tightly secure, highly efficient system to send money to our drivers. Relay has allowed for advance planning rather than inefficient phone call requests from drivers. This has saved both dispatch and drivers a lot of time.

Pete Giovetsis
Director of Operations, Pipco

The process today

Driver picks up the product, and drives across the country to a warehouse.

At the Warehouse, lumpers unload the truck. The lumper service charges $175 for the unload.

The driver doesn’t have the cash to cover the expense. Driver calls their company or freight broker for fleet check approval.

The carrier’s operation team reviews the payment, If approved, they call back the driver to share the 18 digit code.

The driver must find a blank fleet check at the warehouse and write the 18 digit code on a check and tenders it to the lumper company.

The lumper company receives a check from the driver and calls the 800 number on the back to verify if the 18 digit code is valid.

At the end of each day, a lumper must record and audit all checks for that location and drive them to a bank for deposit.

The lumper provides a paper receipt to the driver for reimbursement.

Driver must send a lumper receipt to their company or the freight broker.

The Carrier must send the receipt to their customer within the reimbursement window.

6% - 15% of reimbursements are lost
15 - 20 minutes wait time for each transaction.
2 - 5
phone calls
per payment.

The Relay process

Secure an electronic payment issued, Eliminating phone calls, fraud, and detention time.

Drivers provides payment information at the time of payment, reducing driver wait time.

The transaction occurs instantly, eliminating lost hours of service. Funds are guaranteed and fraud free.

The carrier or broker receives an, Instant Digital Receipt ensuring reimbursement, load closeout and timely billing.

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Relay Overview.

Carriers use Relay to pay lumpers instantly,
securely and without cash and get ensured reimbursements.

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