Eclipse IA Partners With Relay Payments to Get Drivers Off The Dock And Back On the Road Faster

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Instant, electronic lumper payments.

No more lost receipts or phone calls with drivers.
Get more from your Hours of Service and improve carrier relations.


  • Increase Hours of Service
  • No more express codes
  • Eliminate lost receipts
  • Get reimbursed every time
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  • Get reimbursed instantly
  • Eliminate lost receipts
  • Improve carrier relations
  • No time wasted making calls
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  • Eliminate cash and credit cards
  • Streamline reconciliation
  • Eliminate wasted time on docks
  • No time wasted making calls
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The Numbers With Relay

Customers using Relay see savings on the first transaction and meaningful ROI. Learn more.

45+ minutes

Added back to your hours of service per transaction now that payments on the dock are instant


Phone calls between drivers, dispatch, clerks, and check companies


Reimbursement from your customers with real time, electronic lumper receipts

Drivers love it. Our relationships with our reefer carriers has never been better. It flows through our system and we instantly get the receipt.

Operations Manager ‍Top Freight Broker

We don't have to deal with phone calls on the dock. We are on track to increase our driver's hours of service and increase the utilization of our assets.

Accounts Payable ‍‍Top Asset Based Carrier

Our reimbursement windows are getting tighter from our customers. The guaranteed, instant lumper receipt is a game changer.

VP Administration ‍Top Broker

That's it...? Incredible!

Drivers Council.

The drivers are the backbone of everything we do.
Our driver council is a platform for drivers to work
with Relay Payments on creating the best
payment experience in the industry.

Drivers Relay

I love Relay because it is so easy to use and saves me a ton of time when I use it to pay for lumpers.

Issac Cunningham

I believe Relay is a great addition at the lumper service.
It has shown so many advantages. I don't have to worry about running out of checks or waiting in line to pay at the lumpers office anymore. I look forward to working with this group to improve a great asset for many drivers.

Troy Watson
BTC Trucking

I have used Relay multiple times in the past few weeks. Their service is fast, dependable and always professional. No more waiting, on hold, for hours, to get payments for lumper services. This is the only way to go. Easiest payment system I've ever used.

Trevor Macy
Palindrome Express LLC
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